How to care for the clothes 

Before washing you should turn cotton t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts inside out and all zippers, buttons and hooks should be fastened up. Then you should straighten cuffs on the sleeves or they will not be properly washed. Be sure to sort clothes by fabric type, color and degree of contamination. Be sure to check the badges on items tags before washing as they will indicate the temperature of washing for each particular item.


You can easily wash cotton clothes in a washing machine. The water temperature when washing clothes from thin colored fabrics should not exceed 40 degrees C and items from more dense colored fabrics can be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees C. If the clothes are white then you can set the washing temperature even higher. It is important to rinse cotton clothes in warm water so that there would be no great temperature difference after washing.


You should use delicate mode in washing machine for spinning and it is best to dry cotton clothes naturally. Try to avoid getting direct sunlight on clothes during drying. You should not dry cotton items too much because the fibers of the fabric can become damaged and things can lose their original look. Even so if the washed items became too dry you can moisten them with an atomizer in a half an hour before ironing.

Ironing and storing 

Switch the iron in the Cotton ironing mode, you can also use steaming. Keep the clothes away from sunlight if you want colored fabrics to retain rich color and to avoid yellow spots on the white fabrics.

You should care for your favorite items properly!